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Nate Mell: Sexual Assault, Harassment, #MeToo and Felt & Fat



Nate Mell is the CEO of Felt and Fat who abused his position of power to sexually assault and harass several women.

According to the various #MeToo revelations, the entrepreneur has even assaulted a woman while she was asleep. The following write-up covers the various criminal activities of Nate Mell. It will help you understand how deprave this man is:

Nate Mell

“Sexual Assault, Harassment and Abuse” – The Allegations Against Nate Mell

nate mell felt fat

He is found to be guilty of harassing the women sexually. Several women revealed his unfair behavior via utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook.

In the wake of the shocking Harvey Weinstein accusations that had just come out of Hollywood, the #Metoo campaign was in full swing in October 2017 when a puzzling message appeared in the email accounts of several eateries in New York and Philadelphia.

nate mell ceo

As per the email,  sent from an unidentified Gmail account to Fork, Martha Restaurant, and the Rittenhouse Hotel. It was about Nathaniel “Nate” Mell, the 31-year-old CEO of trendy Kensington ceramics company Felt + Fat, which offers high-end custom tableware to chefs and restaurants that can afford it. Felt + Fat is based in Kensington. Proofs found through the mail from the statement made by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in relation to Weinstein’s expulsion from the reputed organization:

They expressed their negative thoughts and judgments of their colleagues in their message that it was disgraceful collusion in sexually rapacious attitude and their sector, sexual harassment in the workplace has ended.

What’s at stake here is a grave issue that doesn’t belong in our society. Screenshots from the social media profiles of two ladies who know Mell personally made up the email’s remaining text. 

When Nate Mell Allegedly Assaulted a Woman in California

The first came from a colleague of Mell’s who wished to remain unnamed in this account. She asserted in a Facebook post that Mell had sexually attacked her at her California home while he was staying with her during a visit while he was sleeping on the couch.

She told the whole story about was happened to her.

According to the victim, she came home in a drunk state and then found herself naked in bed facing Nate Mell where he asked her about the last night in which they have sex. She also got the condom near her mattress as proof of his sexual attack on her. And After his shameful action, he left by saying Goodbye. 

When A Female Employee Resigned Because of Nate Mell’s Constant Harassment

The next post was made by Althea Holmes, 29 Years old, resident of West Philadelphia. She was an employee at Felt + Fat but she left her job because of her CEO’s sexual harassment. Holmes posted on October 16th.

The post expresses the negative behavior of Nate Mell towards his female staff. According to many women, Philadelphia Magazine has spoken to, a few of whom employed Mell at Felt + Fat, Mell was the subject of charges ranging from workplace misconduct and sexual harassment to sexual assault.

Nate Mell has never faced legal action or criminal allegations. Four years after the two co-founded Felt + Fat, Wynn Bauer, Mell’s business partner, has also severed ties with the company due to these allegations.

While there was no single factor that led to Bauer’s decision to leave the organization, he acknowledged that the claims undoubtedly had an impact. Bauer made this claim in an interview with Philadelphia Magazine.

Claims Made By Nate Mell and His PR Team

The following section contains the various promotional claims made by the marketing team of Nate Mell. They don’t necessarily have to be true. Keep that in mind.

Nathaniel Mell is the organizer and Chief of Felt+Fat, a clay planning and assembling studio serving both expert and at-home gourmet specialists.

Nate Mell began the Philadelphia-based organization in 2014 after moving on from the Tyler School of Workmanship at Sanctuary College and working at the world-eminence Philadelphia Earth Studio. Nate had experience working in a range of media, such as glass, metal, wood, and mold-making, before his journey into ceramic design.

The opportunity to design a stunning line of plates for Eli Kulp’s award-winning restaurant ‘High Street on Market’ led Mell towards investigating ceramic design in-depth.

As a result, he developed the idea for a ceramic design studio that serves the hospitality sector. One of Mell’s favorite artists from the mid-20th century, Joseph Beuys, was the inspiration for the name of the business, which is a homage to his material experiments and theories.

Currently, Nate Mell’s Felt and Fat has a history of working with more than 100 restaurants across the world, producing more than 30,000 pieces yearly, and being recognized in the New York Times, the Forbes 30 under 30 list, as well as many other publications.

The key ideas of the ever-expanding team at Felt+Fat are a timeless design, ethical manufacturing, and attentiveness toward relationships. In 2020, his business, Felt+Fat, collaborated with Baker Industries under his guidance to employ ex-offenders as part of present and future workforce programs.

Here’s a brief overview of Nate Mell:

  • Organization: Philadelphia-based organization, Felt+Fat
  • Education: Bachelor Of Fine Arts In Craft, Tyler School Of Art At Temple University, 2012
  • Position: Founder &  CEO of Felt+Fat
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Thus, after reviewing Nate Mell’s entire story we can say that professionally he is skillful to go with different qualities such as a good leader, designer, and employer.

But if we look at his behavior towards the females he should be punished for that. He is harassing them sexually and he hasn’t faced any repercussions for such horrible actions.

There are plenty of such predators and you should avoid associating with them. Some examples include Barry Lall, Jeff Kaliel and Aaron Dungca.



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