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Fidex Corp Review: Ponzi Scheme and MLM Scam Exposed



Fidex Corp is a recently released MLM scam. The following review will explain its various aspects to help you understand why it’s not a reliable company:

About Fidex Corp:

Fidex Corp neglects to give proprietorship or chief data on its site. Fidex Corp’s site area (“”), was first enrolled in 2016. The confidential area enrollment kept going refreshed on May fifth, 2022. This is probably close by when Fidex Corp’s proprietors claimed the space.

Fidex Corp is a typical Ponzi scheme with all the qualities of a scam.

While trying to seem genuine, it gives two US addresses on its site; one in Texas and one in Delaware. These give off an impression of being irregular office hinders that don’t have anything to do with Fidex Corp.

As usual, in the event that an MLM organization isn’t straightforwardly forthright about who is running or claims it, take some real time to contemplate joining or potentially giving over any cash.

fidex corp

Fidex Corp’s Products:

It has no items or services to sell. Subsidiaries are simply ready to showcase Fidex Corp associate participation itself.

Fidex Corp’s Compensation Plan:

Their members contribute digital money on the commitment of a publicized return:

Value Inception $500 to $4999 0.4% to 0.45% 9 months
Standard Value Yield $5000 to $29,999  0.5% to 0.55% 9 months
Coefficient Value Yield $30,000 to $99,999  0.6% to 0.66%  9 months
High-net Value Yield $100,000 to $199,999  0.7% to 0.76%  9 months
Alpha Value Yield $200,000 to $499,999  0.85% to 0.95% 9 months
Corporate Value Yield $500,000 to $5,000,000  1% to 1.2%  9 months

The MLM side of Fidex Corp pays for the enrollment of associate financial backers.

Referral Commissions:

It pays reference commissions on contributed assets down three degrees of enrollment (unilevel):

Level 1(Personally recruited affiliates) 10%
Level 2 5%
Level 3 2%

Daily ROI Match:

The company pays a match on the day-to-day returns paid to downline offshoots.

The return for a capital invested match is paid involving similar three levels as reference commissions:

  1. Level 1 – 0.3% match
  2. Level 2 – 0.2% match
  3. Level 3 – 0.1% match

Joining Fidex Corp:

  • Fidex Corp offshoot enrollment is free.
  • Full cooperation in the connected pay opportunity requires a base $500 speculation.
  • It requests interest in ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin.

Fidex Corp Conclusion:

Fidex Corp’s site is populated with a lot of money baloney, none of which has a say in their MLM opportunity.

There are plenty of Ponzi schemes with similar compensation plans as Fidex. A prominent example is Quinreward. It is thought to be controlled by con artists from Malaysia.

Fidex has a potential tie to Malaysia as they use certain services based in that country. It’s conceivable similar proprietors are behind the two plans.

It is a basic MLM crypto Ponzi scam. Similarly as with all MLM Ponzi plans, when offshoot enlistment evaporates so too will new speculation.

This will keep Fidex Corp from return for money invested income, in the end provoking a breakdown. The number related to Ponzi plans ensures that when they break down, most of the members lose cash.

Avoid investing with any Ponzi scheme because it’s almost guaranteed that you will lose your entire investment. Such companies make false promises and make it seem like they are a legitimate financial enterprise.

However, like any other scam, they don’t have anything to offer except false hope.

Some prominent examples of similar scams include CashFX by Justin Halladay and OmegaPro by Dilawar Singh. Both of those companies are notorious for stealing funds from their investors while promising outrageous returns to entice consumers.

Another example is World Financial Group. The company has developed a large network of investors and specializes in targeting young graduates. They have received many complaints for forcing students to take loans to join their Ponzi scheme.

Due to these reasons, it’s best to avoid investing with any Ponzi scheme.



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